The Green Pope

green popeThings are bad. Even organized religion says so. Although some not-so-organized spiritual traditions like Paganism and aboriginal spirituality have been preaching the green gospel for centuries, now Christians want to get in on the act. Pope Benedict XVI wants Catholics to change their wasteful ways. At least, that's the messages he's been giving, especially on World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia.

Stewardship Turnaround

The traditional view of both Jewish and Christian faiths in regards to nature is that it was made solely for the benefit of humans to do with as they wished (See the story of Noah). But Pope Benedict is calling on Catholics to reverse this viewpoint, held since, well, God knows when.

"The wonder of God's creation reminds us of the need to protect the environment and to exercise responsible stewardship of the goods of the earth," he said, also noting that "teaching self-denial, temperance and a moderate use of the world's goods, man and woman are led to regard the environment as a marvel to be pondered and respected, rather than a commodity for mere consumption."


Show Me the Money

Usually, when organized religion talks about green, they don't mean grass. Critics of Pope Benedict's recent pro-environmental sermons claim that all he is doing is going where the money is. And there have been many other organized religions and other Christian denominations that have taken a very green stance, including Baptists and Jews.

Just how sincere is the Pope? In December of 2007, the "Green Pope" decried environmentalists who tell the truth about how bad the situation is and the inevitable consequences if we don't change our ways.  He called them "scare mongers" and "Prophets of Doom". 

Old habits die hard for a Pope. If we're not going to hell for impure thoughts, then we're going to hell for fear mongering. Just as long as we all go to hell. Oops, sorry - we're already there. Just ask the folks hit by Hurricane Ike and the people in Spain watching their country rapidly being turned into a desert

Irony, meet the Green Pope. Green Pope, meet Irony.

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Steven Earl Salmony (anonymous)

Somehow, it appears that we have to focus more attention upon the emerging and converging scientific evidence of ominously looming global threats to the family of humanity that are posed by the overconsumption, overproduction and overpopulation activities of the human species rampantly overspreading Earth in our time.

The ecological challenges presented to the human community in these early years of Century XXI are vital matters for discussion; however, our failure to acknowledge in open discussion "the human population factor" as a primary, driving force, one that is precipitating the ecological challenges visible on the far horizon, is making our best, necessary efforts insufficient.

Steven Earl Salmony
AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population
established 2001

Written in October 2008

Rena (anonymous)

God and Goddess bless you, Mr. Salmony.

Written in October 2008

Steven Earl Salmony (anonymous)

Recognizing that which is a product of arrogance and also shameful behavior.

Our lexicon of business activities is being expanded daily, thanks to the "wonder boys" on Wall Street. We are learning about derivatives, collateralized debt obligations, credit default swaps, recapitalization, puts, short selling and so on. We are gaining a new vocabulary from the recent meltdown of the financial system and expected slowdown of the real economy worldwide.

Where did this debacle begin? Well, it began in the center of human community’s banking and investment houses in the financial district of NYC. Supposedly, the "brightest and best" among us go to Wall Street, know what they are doing and do the right thing. Unfortunately, such assumptions turn out to be colossal mistakes.

How did this calamity occur and why is the human family in such dire economic straits? It appears that grotesque greed and a culture of corruption have come to dominate significant operating systems of the global political economy.

Powerful people in high offices within huge business institutions with access to great wealth are recklessly and deleteriously manipulating the unbridled expansion of the global economy in the small, finite planetary home God blesses us to inhabit.

Self-proclaimed Masters of the Universe have surreptitiously "manufactured" a sub prime "asset bubble" and perversely fostered its uneconomic growth within the world economy. Not unexpectedly, this asset bubble did what bubbles do. The sub prime bubble burst and made a mess. Global credit markets have frozen, stock prices are tumbling and the value of the dollar is gyrating.

Evidently organizers, managers and whiz kids overseeing the global economy, and the unraveling {ie, deleveraging} of the worldwide sub prime swindle, are running the artificially designed financial system of the global economy as a pyramid scheme. This is to say that the international financial system is being operated so that most of the wealth funneled pyramidally into the hands of a small minority of people at the top of the world economy where this wealth is accumulated and consolidated. Note that thirty percent of annual corporate profits end up in the accounts of a tiny number of people. At the same time, the vast majority of people on Earth, near the bottom of the global economic pyramid, are left with very little wealth. Does the economy of the family of humanity exist primarily to provide wealth to the already stupendously wealthy? The "bankstas" among us evidently think so.

In the 1980s, this extremely inequitable method of distributing wealth and arranging business activities was called a "trickle down" economy. We have been repeatedly told how this 'rational' economic scheme is good because it "raises all ships." And yet, from my limited scope of observation, the billion people living on resources valued at less than one dollar per day and the additional 2.7 billion people being sustained on two dollars per day of resources now appear to be stuck in squalid conditions. The 'ships' carrying these billions of less fortunate people {ie, more people than lived on Earth in the year of my birth} do not appear to be lifting them out of poverty.

Steven Earl Salmony
AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population, established 2001

Written in October 2008

sxkhcalej (anonymous)

Written in January 2014

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