Green Fashion Lines, Better Than Ever

Mindy Laughton


Recently, Bradley Cooper turned up at the Golden Globes flaunting a green tuxedo (not the color green). The suit was giving a full black shine, but was made out of eco-friendly wool. The designer behind the suit was Tom Ford, who also used recycled velvet to make a green dress for Julianne Moore.

bradley cooper It’s not the first time eco-friendly fashion has been promoted, but the attention towards green fashion lines has increased since it has benefits for both the consumer and the environment in the long run. You may be wondering what goes into eco-friendly clothing.

Sustainable linens like organic cotton, silk hemp and eco-friendly fabrics, which were once not easy to find, are now easily available to designers. These materials are healthy for the environment as they don’t have to go through different chemical processors. They also reduce the waste caused by the conventional fashion designing material. Green fashion doesn’t only imply to the use of products that are less damaging to the environment, it also stands for the creative use of recycled materials.

Some of the many benefits of green fashion include:

1. More choices for concerned consumers

There are many consumers who are concerned about the environment. Theybig green purse clothing doeverything they can in order to make a contribution, and search around for eco-friendly products when it comes to fashion. Before the concept went main stream, they had limited options to choose from. Now more eco-friendly apparel is coming out, giving them more options. Due to the rising trend, the awareness of eco-friendly clothing will also increase, allowing people to make better choices.

2. Less health hazards for labor

Apart from the environmental damage that goes into processing of material that goes into conventional fashion clothing, there are also health complications for the workers. There have also been cases involving workers losing their lives due to widespread industrial techniques to make fashion apparel. Eco friendly production keeps the workers safe from producing sandblasted fashion products.

3. Feels good on the body

Apart from providing the satisfaction that a contribution is being made to save the environment, green fashion feels good on the body. Furthermore, the clothes don’t give rise to potential reactions and irritations, which may arise with normal clothing on sensitive skin types.

rejuva health Many brands are now introducing green apparel. For example, Alabama Chanin are producing lifestyle products and wedding dresses from a combination of recycled, organic and new materials, taking into account a wide range of social factors, while focusing on every aspect of the design. Green workout apparel is also being produced from companies like Gaiam and

The future of green fashion looks bright and the growing popularity will create more eco-friendly clothing with time.

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Written in March 2013

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