A Green Entrepreneur Reports from the Olympics

Jack Hidary, one of the more innovative green entrepreneurs, was at the recent Vancouver Olympics evidently enjoying himself at events (especially speed skating) but, more importantly, engaging with world leaders (political, cultural, private sector) to foster engagement toward more sustainable practices. Find more videos like this on Planet Forward

In this video, Hidary discusses Vancouver's Green Olympics (VANOC sustainability page) even as he highlights some gaps, such as a shortfall in the use of highly cost-effective solar outdoor lighting. (Note that Jack, in this case, seems to have missed an item in terms of the high cost-effectiveness of solar outdoor lighting: that not having to put in the infrastructure to wire the lighting to the grid often is a greater cost savings than the additional capital cost of solar panels and batteries to provide nighttime lighting.)

Hidary also questions the path toward offsetting the Olympics large carbon footprint, suggesting that this is something meriting watching. On the other, more positive side, Hidary highlights Vancouver's 'green' nature, which is far from limited to just the Olympics.

One of Hidary's anecdotes provides an insight into the quality of Vancouver's public transport: the taxi driver Hidary spoke with is far from busy, which isn't what one might expect amid a massive event like hosting the Olympics.

There is much of value in Hidary's discussion, including highlighting the Carbon War Room:

The Carbon War Room harnesses the power of entrepreneurs to implement market-driven solutions to climate change. The world needs entrepreneurial leadership to create a post-carbon economy. The War Room’s unique approach focuses on bringing together successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, policy experts, researchers, and thought leaders to focus on market-driven solutions. Our approach is to identify the barriers that are preventing market-based scale up of climate change solutions and thereby perpetuating the status quo. In addition to technology and policy gaps, these barriers include principal-agent problems, information gaps, and lack of common standards or metrics.

Interview / video courtesy of Planet Forward.

An important note: About the Vancouver Olympics, however, not everything is entirely green with, for example, tar sands oil producers/polluters being Olympics sponsors.

Very simple: if you love winter, you can't love tar sands, Tar Sands is one of the dirtiest activities on Earth. See Tar and Feather and Sticky Icky Tar … Canadian Tar Sands and US-Canadian Relations.

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