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Going organic is a fashionable trend right now. But there's a reason. Organic solutions genuinely help to improve our natural ecosystems. Consuming organic foods and beverages can also result in a healthier you. We see both restaurants and grocery stores offering ‘organic’ food products. In fact, even some fast food places are getting on board with the trend. Although it is widely accepted that going organic is a healthy choice, have you ever actually questioned what makes a food or other product ‘organic’?

Organic – What It Means

organic Organic foods are produced without the use of pesticides or fertilizers; no chemicals are added in any form. In addition, renewable resources are used and soil as well as water is conserved. Organic dairy products, meats and poultry come from animals that receive no growth hormones or antibiotics.

Similarly, organic alcohol is created through the use of production methods that do not create pollution of water, soil or air. It is made from products that have been grown without the use of fertilizers and or pesticides. In other words, it is chemical-free.

This is an important point. In fact, some studies indicate that chemicals used to speed up the production of alcohol can lead to salts and heavy metals remaining in the final alcohol product. Not only is it a good thing to have fewer chemicals in your body, but theoretically this can result in fewer or less intense hangover tendencies. Organic alcohol is definitely a healthier choice.

Learn more about this interesting concept by doing a search for online vodka deals and other organic spirits. Besides finding out more about the production process you will also learn about places near you that sell organic alcohol. If you don’t find a nearby location, don’t panic; the organic alcohol trend is increasing. That means it will soon be offered in more places.

It should be noted that organic or not, too much alcohol can be a bad thing. In the end though, organic foods and drinks are a healthier choice and their production processes are kinder to the environment. However, there may still be a downside to these options; in almost every case, organic products are more expensive than their non-organic counterparts.

The Highs and Lows of Organic Spirits

organic alcohol Organic spirits are becoming more readily available at liquor stores and bars everywhere. Obviously, this is a growing trend and most people appreciate eating, and drinking, in a healthier way. The fact that hangovers may be decreased is definitely a bonus for choosing organic spirits. Unfortunately, the higher price tag for organic alcohol can be a deterrent for some.

The reality is, in the long run at least, healthier choices are less expensive options. Consumers are looking for all kinds of healthy solutions these - compression garments, healthy snack foods, electric no-tobacco cigarettes. It makes sense that one of humanity's oldest guilty pleasures, alcohol, would be welcomed as an opportunity to improve the Earth. 

First, consider the fact that organic alcohol may mean fewer hangovers. In some cases, that could be translated as less 'down' time and even result in savings on hangover remedies.

Keeping your body free of chemicals is not only desirable, it is the best way to be. Altering our overall industrial wear and tear on the environment by going organic will not only help consumers, it will reduce our overall carbon emissions, which in the long term can help combat climate change. Therefore, when choosing any food or drink product your health and the health of the environment should always be a high priority. 


Mindy is a freelance writer who is most often writing about health, lifestyle, fitness. When Mindy isn't writing you can find her exercising and now doing cross-fit! Mindy's usual writing topics include how to get on a nutrition plan, how to lose weight the healthy way and even reviews of fitness gear like RejuvaHealth.com, and which products look and work the best for exercise. 

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