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Editor's Note: From our friends at Desmog Blog, an explanation of their new handy dandy voter guide for upcoming U.S. and Canadian elections. Check it out, see how the candidates measure up on environmental issues, and then get out and vote!

DeSmog LogoElection fever has captured the U.S. and Canada simultaneously and the outcome of these two contests may affect the future of humankind more critically than any previous elections in this history of either country.

Given the recent (i.e. George Bush-induced) climate policy in the United States, U.S. voters are choosing between one candidate (John McCain) who is better than the last guy and one who may actually show leadership on this, the most important environmental issue in human history.

The situation is more clear cut - if more dire - in Canada. Four of the five credible party leaders have climate change platforms that would take Canada off the list of greedy nations that put their own short-term profits ahead of global environmental safety. But one leader, current Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has made it clear that his most important constituents are the people who want unfettered rights to develop the tar sands - environmental consequences be damned. will help you analyse the position of all the leading candidates. It sorts through policies, checks candidates' rhetoric against past action and grades the leaders. Check out the site. Share it with your friends.

After years of international embarrassment - during which our two countries have done everything in their powers to block international action against global warming, we have a chance to vote for change. Make sure, before you choose, that you have cleared away the PR pollution and weighed the implication of your vote.

And then, wherever you are.

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