German Government Warns of Dangers of Wi-Fi

In a move that goes against the grain, the German government has issued a warning regarding exposure to electro-smog from Wi-Fi, cell phones and other electrical devices and appliances. Here in the UK, our government has sought to play down the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields or electro-smog, saying there is no evidence of cancer being caused by cell phones, Wi-Fi equipment or their masts. This is despite the advice of Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency, specifically asking for more research to be carried out in to the harmful effects of Wi-Fi and cell phone radiation on people and children especially. Sir William said in his 2000 report into the impact of cell phone masts on health:

There may be changes, for example in cognitive function… There were some indications that there may be cancer inductions… There was some molecular biology changes within the cell… ” – The Times
The German government is advising its citizens to avoid using Wi-Fi and cell phones as much as possible, suggesting they use cable connections for computers and landlines instead. Their advice goes even further, and warns people of the dangers of electro-smog from other household electrical products. The German Environment Ministry is recommending that people minimize their exposure to Wi-Fi radiation and is “actively informing people about possibilities for reducing personal exposure”.

The German equivalent of the UK Health Protection Agency, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, is calling for caution in the use of electrical equipment. A representative of the office, Florian Emrich said Wi-Fi should be avoided “because people receive exposures from many sources and because it is a new technology and all the research into its health effects has not yet been carried out”

If the German government is warning its people about this danger, then maybe we should be looking at our own exposure to this type of radiation and taking steps to reduce it. I managed perfectly well at home before I got a Wi-Fi router, in fact I’ve still got my old router and UTP cable in the cupboard. What concerns me more than the fact that electro-smog is harmful, is the way governments ignore the advice of scientists and researchers when it does not fit with their agenda. With access to the same research and information, the German government has drawn the opposite conclusion from the UK government. It looks to me like the German government is putting the interests of its people before the interests of big business, whereas my government is more concerned about big business and is happy to sacrifice people’s health to keep us buying increasing amounts of technology and appliances.

Source: The Independent

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Safe EMF (anonymous)

Like smoking the affects of the EMF, electropollution around us are cumulative and we won't know a lot of the issues possibility for decades. In the meantime we continue to be test subjects. Despite the many articles being published, many of us refuse to believe there's an issue. Time to wake up. Read results of 20 scientists research into over 2,000 research studies. They found a link to cancer.

Written in April 2010

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