Gatsby’s Green Light is Trying to Make People Dance Smile & Think about Sustainable Living

Ken Coulson


Epiphanies are hard to pin down, but they are some of life’s most sought after moments. Events or realizations that lead to profound paradigm shifts or the establishment of a purpose can create a cycle of positive growth for everyone within your circle of influence. For me, one major epiphany occurred on a flight from my parent’s home in Georgia. My aisle mate and I struck up a conversation based on the books we were reading. He was probably a few years younger than me, but I had learned years ago to listen to the words and actions over the stats sheet. Both book’s subject matter was leaning towards eastern philosophy. We spoke generally about philosophy, human behavior and the environment. He mentioned Natural Capitalism, a subject I understood to be a sustainable form of economics, and I made a note to dig deeper into the subject.

gatsby green light A year passed before I did. I’d spent that time focused on music and connecting with people, which is a difficult task at best given the nature and quantity of stimulating forces these days. By the time I’d linked the commonality of natural ways of life with our music, my new friend was in South America, surfing and living freely. “Bring the music any time, the deck is open,” he would tell me.

I felt a duty to help raise awareness through art, music and literature. Culture, defined in our art and music, is a progressive force destined to shape our collective outcomes. With my latest musical project (Gatsby’s Green Light) and the literary counterpart (Annalee & The Forever Smile), I’m hoping we have formed a creative voice, imbedded with the lessons of sustainable living practices. I see the role of the creative process as breaking down boundaries and bringing us closer. Through our stronger communities, we can effect positive change. “Gatsby” is all about storytelling. Through the release of our music and later the story of Annalee, we hope to build support from a diverse, international audience. The partners we’ve developed in the sustainable living arena have been instrumental in propelling us forward and we appreciate their recognition of music as a viable tool to deliver messages of hope, change and action.

Right now, we’re able to do small things to help spread awareness of thegatsbys green light collectiveproblems and our goal of pairing the music with 50+ farmers markets, green events and sustainable farms is well underway. 30% of our music sales funnel back to local partners, like the Working Lands Alliance and the Northeast Organic Farmer’s Association. Our music is available on plant-able drop cards, which are infused with wildflower seeds. We played our first ‘solar-powered’ show at Wyebrook Farms in Pennsylvania last year. I will also be taking more classes to learn about sustainable living, soil health and renewable energy.

I often ask myself, what would bigger success look like for “Gatsby” and “Annalee”? We are slated to release the book this year, along with art and a manual on sustainable living. Given a big enough voice, we hope the project can help to lobby universities and towns to develop community-owned micro-grids, raise awareness about those countries and communities that are having success and, if we’re really lucky, plant our own renewable energy parks to serve as a model for many facets of sustainable living.

Maybe these are big dreams, but we won’t stop trying to get there. Emotion and intentions are the basis of all change in this world. Within the family of Gatsby and Annalee, we believe in a positive outcome for mankind. We hope you do too, and we ask for your support. To learn more about the projects, stay in touch with us at: and sign up for our newsletter. Ken & GGL

Ken Coulson is the founder of Sonic Bomb LLC, a mixed-media company that uses art to raise awareness about sustainable living solutions. He is an advocate of Natural Capitalism, a multi-instrument musician and is writing his first book, Annalee & The Forever Smile. 

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