Frankenstorm -Climate Change May Yet Be Part of the US Election



A giant storm is , nicknamed Frankenstorm, is heading to land on the East Coast of the United States on Monday. Hurricane Sandy has already hammered Cuba and Haiti . On Friday 26, NASA called hurricane Sandy  “the bride of Frankenstorm”.

frankenstorm It will arrive in time for Halloween , but it could be severe enough to disrupt the US election. It could wreak havoc from Miami to Boston.

This massive storm heading fast to the US may be the silent third party in the presidential election where climate change has not really been front and central .Actually not present at all in the presidential debates. 

For a country that has suffered , and will suffer, so much from man made extreme weather events, this is incredible.For the first time in 25 years it is not even being mentioned and yet its impact is everywhere.This is the first time it has not been mentioned in presidential debates since  1984.

The US is a world leader in carbon emissions. To try to sweep this issue under the carpet is unbeleivable. To think that the economy and the environment are somehow separable is politics that is frightening to say the least.

But as Frankenstorm heads furiously towards the East Coast it may well be that climate change and the increased extreme weather events that come with it may yet get a say in this election.




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