Four Deaths From Cold Snap in US


For four days now a deep arctic freeze has gripped  parts of the Midwest. Temperatures as low as  -36F degrees -have frozen anything it can find. Who knew that bubbles would  freeze in mid air at -20 ,or that water from firemen's hoses would freeze as it came out of the hose?


Fountains and entire buildings have been transformed by the freezing cold. 


chicago In the Windy City firemen battled a warehouse fire last night, with the extreme cold hindering the process. Water froze on firefighters’ gloves as soon as it left their hoses.

In New York's Manhattan, the temperature was  around -12 degrees today, but wind made it feel even colder 

On Saturday night the cold arrived in earnest wiht waces of Arctic air coming  south from Canada and the freezing temperatures have been thought to be responsible for four deaths.

Across the American midwest people struggled to dig their cars out. The temperatures made driving almost impossible 


Among the coldest temperatures recorded Tuesday was 35 below at Crane Lake, Minn., a National Weather Service forecaster said early Wednesday.

 The coldest location in the lower 48 states Monday was Embarrass, Minn., at 36 below. On Sunday it was Babbitt, Minn., at 29 below, according to the National Weather Service.

In Connecticut, overnight temperatures were expected to range from 0 to 10 degreesfreezing fountain over the next several days, and the wind chill could make it feel as cold as minus 15 degrees in some parts of the state. In Millinocket, Maine, residents awoke to temperatures of minus 9 degrees

And this cold is expected to continue for some time yet, at least until the end of the week .

On the other side of the world Australia has broken its own temperature records with record hot days and a long heat wave that has sparked hundreds of  bushfires throughout the country.


The weather is the news. And we suspect that in the same way that 2012 set record in temperatures in so many ways, that 2013 will continue the process of showing to us what extreme weather looks like, often - and obvious.


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