A Fat Blocking Pepsi Product in Japan?


Mayor Bloomberg in New York has  banned the big jumbo sodas because of their adverse effect on public health  Japan is approaching the issue a different way Pepsi is introducing a big gulp soda that claims to actually help block fat.

It’s the “Pepsi special “ and is apparently approved as a  “food for specified health uses” so it is regulated by the Japanese government and, according to Suntory,has its seal of approval. It contains the fiber molecule dextrin, which it states helps prevent the body from absorbing fat.

Japan Introduces Fat-Blocking Pepsi


Here's what the Suntory website( in translation )  has to say about it :

Suntory International Food Co., Ltd., launched nationwide from Tuesday, November 13, the "special Pepsi" cola drinks of food for specified health use "reduce the absorption of fat."

"PEPSI" is a cola beverage drinkers in the world that is. And the launch of zero-calorie cola "Pepsi Nex" or "Diet Pepsi" In Japan, we have proposed a new value in the market for cola drinks.

Launched the "Pepsi special" food for specified health use "reduce the absorption of fat", this time, we will further activate cola drinks market.

● Features of the contents


It is a cola beverage to increase the discharge reduce the absorption of fat by the action of indigestible dextrin (dietary fiber), and from the diet, and calm the postprandial rise in triglycerides in the blood. Company and PepsiCo have jointly utilizing the technology development of cola drinks that have been developed over many years, we realize the aftertaste with a crisp refreshing and unique, "PEPSI" I let mitigate the habit peculiar indigestible dextrin was.


It comes into the Believe it or Not category for us...


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Deb (anonymous)

When will this product come to the U.S.?
I would love to try it out.

Written in November 2012

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