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A San Luis Obispo, California company called From War to Peace is recycling materials from disarmed nuclear weapon systems and creating stunning jewelry and accessories from a remarkable alloy they call "Peace Bronze."

war to peace  

The copper From War to Peace recycles into Peace Bronze is taken from the command-and-control cabling that once carried launch codes to Minuteman III nuclear missiles at the now disarmed Grand Forks, North Dakota missile base.

The cabling ran between U.S. nuclear missile silos, buried six feet deep in the prairie soil to withstand nuclear assault.


That cabling is now transformed to help launch peace in thewar to peace 21st Century.

Peace Bronze (and the copper it comes from) undergoes multiple safety inspections and has been certified safe and entirely free of radioactivity before casting. It's as safe as the pennies in your pocket or purse.


The process of having this cable dug up from the soil, recycling it into its core components, alloying the resulting copper into Peace Bronze, and casting jewelry and art from it represent an extraordinarily complex undertaking.

war to peace From War to Peace recovers its cabling in North Dakota, recycles it in Iowa, alloys it into Peace Bronze in Los Angeles, designs its jewelry on the California central coast, and casts it in both Albuquerque, New Mexico and Paso Robles, California. Peace Bronze work is created using the ancient "lost wax" casting method, pouring 2000+ degree hot molten bronze into carefully designed molds. For enameled pieces From War to Peace uses the last Union enameling house in the U.S., located in Phelps, New York.


 From War to Peace is a young company that aims to give back  20% of its profits to peace and social justice organizations committed to transforming our world.




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