Endangered Species Day - May 17

David Robinson


The 8th annual national Endangered Species Day will be celebrated at special events and other programs throughout the country on May 17, 2013.    

  Endangered Species Day -  May 17 This year, there will be 200 events with thousands of participants, up from 130 events last year. Events range from the annual Endangered Species Day Festival at the United States Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C., to the Kansas City Zoo’s “Learning Fest,” to habitat restoration projects in San Diego, to an endangered species “scavenger hunt” at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, and a variety of other activities.


  The purpose of Endangered Species Day is to emphasise the importance of protecting the nation’s rare, threatened, and endangered animal and plant species; highlight success stories of species recovery; and demonstrate everyday actions that people can take to help protect our disappearing wildlife and last remaining open spaces. Endangered Species Day began with a unanimous Senate Resolution in 2006.

 Every year, schools, libraries, museums, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, wildlifees day refuges, parks, community groups and conservation organizations hold tours, exhibits, restoration projects, children’s programs, field trips and other activities on Endangered Species Day (third Friday in May) and throughout the month.


 People can find out about an event near them by visiting the ES day website There also are other ways that individuals can celebrate Endangered Species Day, even if there is not a formal activity planned for their community. For example:

1.     Learn more about the importance of endangered species and habitat conservation. You’ll find extensive background information—including a suggested reading list—on the Endangered Species Day website.es day

2.     Organize an event with friends/others. For instance, plan a clean-up/restorationproject at a nearby beach, forest area, or other local habitat.

3.     Visit your local zoo, aquarium or natural history museum. See the exhibits of threatened and endangered species and keep a journal of what you learn.

4.     Write a letter to your local newspaper editor encouraging readers’ support of endangered species conservation and mentioning Endangered Species Day. (You can find a sample Letter to the Editor on the ES Day website Toolkit.)

5.    e card Send an e-card to let your friends and work associates know about Endangered Species Day. 

6.     Show your support by adding an Endangered Species Day message on your Facebook page or include it in a special tweet

7.     Show your support for endangered species by adding your voice to the Voices for America's Wildlife website You can submit a photo, video, quote or testimonial about why you support threatened and endangered species and their habitat.

8.     For some additional ideas, see “10 Easy Things You Can Do to Save Endangered Species” 

  Be sure to share how you will celebrate Endangered Species Day, so that it can be highlighted on the Event Directory. Send your details to David Robinson, Endangered Species Day director 




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