EcoQube: An aquarium that feeds you.

Daniel F Benson-Guiu

Two students from University of California San Diego (UCSD) have designed an exciting project that ticks all the boxes. It is educational, functional, aesthetic and easy to use. In their own words, they have created “a natural, self-sustainable ecosystem that is easy to care for”.

‘Aquarium enthusiasts’ Eric and Kevin have designed an aquaponics system –called the EcoQube- as compact as an aquarium, but unlike your usual fish bowl, here there is close to no maintenance involved, and you can grow herbs or flowers. EcoQube

They have also developed a curriculum, with easy activities, to teach kids and adults how the system works.

Water scarcity and food distribution are complicated issues of our time. The aquaponics system developed by Eric and Kevin, which easily fits in anybody’s home, is an example of how we could use our current resources in alternative ways that end up producing more. They say over 70% of global freshwater is used for agriculture and aquaculture; aquaponics is the idea that plants and fish can work together, even in a small scale, in a symbiotic relationship. Eric and Kevin say nature works in the same way to filter our seas, lakes and rivers.

With EcoQube, food grows 30-50% faster and it is completely organic. Meanwhile you can keep plants you don’t have to water and fish you don’t have to clean.

“Aquaponics is a clear solution to address many issues of water and food shortages all over the world and we hope the EcoQube can help bring this incredible yet simple solution into our everyday lives and influence the way we perceive the larger issues in the world today”. 

This cool idea is currently in Kickstarter faze, so give them a hand!



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