eBooks - Affordable, Easy and Environmentally Sound

Did you know that paper manufacturing practices are among the 3rd largest polluters of air, land and water and that many of the books we read today were printed overseas, shipped to the US and other countries by boat, trucked to distribution centers and then trucked to your local bookstore? And we're sure you already know that it takes trees to make paper! Now, we're not advocating that you stop reading or buying printed books! We all love printed books. The idea of not having a printed book to hold and spill crumbs into on a Sunday afternoon, or read in the bathtub on a cold evening is almost as sad as the idea of our forests being diminished. But we are saying that eBooks are a great way to make a difference.

In fact about 1 hour of energy spent on a laptop computer, equals the amount of energy expended to create just 4 sheets of paper; you can read a lot more than 4 pages in an hour. Plus, because eBooks use zero fossil fuels, and no trees, by choosing an eBook (even some of the time), you contribute to making a big difference. Here are some suggestions for using and buying eBooks (you already know our suggestions for printed books; crumbs, baths, Sunday afternoons, that sort of thing.)

  1. Cookbooks and how-to guides are a great way to experience eBooks. eBooks are fully searchable, so when you want to find a materials guide or a recipe, there's no flipping around to find what you need.
  2. When you have to print, print on 30% post consumer recycled paper and always print double sided!
  3. Unless you're a big fan of copyright pages, title pages, and dedications, skip the printing of those pages!
  4. When you're doing a project or cooking a meal, open your eBook file and bring your laptop to where you're working. (Just try and keep it away from anything messy.)
  5. Don't forget, kids have no problem reading on computer screens. They were brought up on them and don't have the same aversion to reading just about anything on the computer that older generations may have. While adults may prefer a printed novel, kids are fine with reading fiction in eBook format. And, if your kids have an expensive reading habit, eBooks are a great way to cut costs!
  6. If you want something quickly, eBooks are instantly downloadable. Want to build a compost tomorrow because the weather looks good? An eBook is available now, so enjoy!
In short, I don't want to see the end of the printed book (we do love the library) and I know you don't either. But I also know that folks love to find new ways to live lightly and save money. So, the next time you're thinking of buying a book, consider an eBook!

You can Buy eBooks about the environment, climate change, sustainable living and more at ecobrain.com.

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