Earth Day Resource Roundup: Good Books + Free Offer

Some great stuff has been flying across the Celsias news desk in recent weeks.  We've been busy checking it all out for you and here's a few winners we'd recommend, just in time for Earth Day!

Future Scenarios -  David Holmgrenfuture

The co-originator of permaculture is back with his latest book discussing how communities can adapt to the twin challenges of climate change and peak oil.  He illustrates four main scenarios: brown tech, lifeboats, green tech, and earth stewards. 

Each takes into consideration the choices we make (or don't make) today and their implications for the future. What is especially useful about this book is that Holmgren packs a smart synopsis of the issues along with well-informed projections for the future, does it in plain English, and tops out at 115 pages.  It is a handy, concise little reference.  We're hoping to have an interview with Mr. Holmgren available shortly here on Celsias, so stay tuned.

climate change book Climate Change: Picturing the Science - Gavin Schmidt and Joshua Wolfe

Handling the issue of climate change more in depth, this is a bit more robust resource.  Compiling essays by many leading scientists and climate experts, you get not only the science side in easy-to-understand terms, but also some stunning visuals that help further bring the science to life. 

From symptoms and diagnosis, to possible cures for the impending changes brought by a shift in our climate, this book ties the big picture together for anyone struggling to understand the complexity of climate change.  It is also hefty enough that one might also give a climate change denier a stiff whack upside the head if they continue with their silly arguments.  Either way, we love this book!

gort The Gort Cloud - Richard Seireeni

If you liked Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken, you'll love this too.  It's sort of the commerce-y continuation of the community discussion.

Discussing how "green" has gone mainstream, branding guru Seireeni shows how some cutting edge, green-minded businesses (from the likes of Dr. Bronner's to Nau to Seventh Generation) have built a steady following, kept their integrity, and made a good living by harnessing the power of the green community. 

By illustrating the relationships of many green institutions, the book provides readers with a comprehensive look at the invisible network of NGO's trendspotters, advocacy groups, business alliances, social networks, and certifying organizations of the green community that can make or break brands.  If you are launching a new product or service, understanding this space is critical to your success.  While the book *is* business focused, many general readers might appreciate its definition of the larger community we are all involved with, as well as some intimate stories of companies and brands they already love.  We found it quite a clever read and very informative.

... and in other news...

sls Real Goods Solar Living Source Book - John Schaeffer

If you're into solar, wind power, or other forms of alternative energy, want to live off-grid, or learn the basics of the clean tech industry, this one is for you!  This is probably one of the most comprehensive guides out there-- and -- they're celebrating their 30th Edition by having a limited time free offer: a digital copy of the 70 page section entitled "Renewable Energy 101- Solar, Wind, and Hydro Electric" available to the general public.  Visit and sign up on the site.

[Got a new book, movie, resource, tool, widget, or study coming out?  Pass it along to us and we may feature it on the Resource Roundup.  Email with your details!]

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