Earth Day - Fuel, Food and Carbon

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Earth Day has been around since 1970. Its very existence is actually a tribute to people taking action. It's hard now to imagine a world without the EPA and limits on the right to pollute. It aims to mobilise individuals and organisations through its call to action.

But as we look back at the year since last Earth Day we reflect on a year of massive loss and disruption because of weather events, earthquakes and nuclear power catastrophes along with financial scams that were so big governments had to bail them out, we are struggling for a moment to find our usual confidnece and optimism t. We think of the BP Oil Spill a year on,and the fact that it so quickly faded from the world headlines, and a world where we still choose to add to the massive loss and disruption in our quest to fuel our addiction to oil by bombing people.

We've tried to focus on three themes that seem to be screaming at us form the Earth ( as it were) right now 

And what are they ?food

Fuel and Food and Carbon 

Fuel , because we think we are probably past Peak Oil or so near it doesn't matter. And despite all the talk of the past decade we are still completely addicted to fossil fuels. We think that the Saudis have distorted the figures around the amount of oil they still have, and that their ability to make up disrupted oil flows is much less than what they portray. We think that Matthew Simmons in "Twilight in the Desert" and Wikileaks were right on this.

As we watch fuel rise we will watch food prices rise, and rise. And any failure in harvest will have an effect that is accentuated. We've seen that in 2008, then a temporary respite for a Global Financial Crisis from 2008-2010 and now rampant food inflation for the last half year.So if you can plant food , do so .oil

Carbon will finally get some action in economies around the world that have been slow( sluggish ) in doing so. Countries such as Australia will find they simply have to act regardless of how belligerent and how much in the pocket of the coal companies the Opposition Parties are. No matter what Earth Day tells us the Earth has an atmosphere that sustains us all. Why would any of us  continue to jeopardise that just because we can't see it , or it may not happen too badly in our lifetimes, but catch our kids and grandkids instead ?

Have a fantastic Earth Day .We are all going out to plant some trees actually, even ripping up our lawns to do so.

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