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Stats - as they say, read 'em and weep. While the figures can't be taken as absolutely accurate, they are drawn from many sources and do give a 'best guess' real time example of some of the issues we're grappling with (sources include United Nations, EPA and the US Census Bureau). Nevertheless, some figures are more than a little dubious - particularly the generous amount of oil remaining. For those who want to watch not only how many people are being born, but also want to, er... watch them die - see Breathing Earth.


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Chuck Mason (anonymous)

I predict there will never again be a two term president. Too many problems, too few solutions. Each human will need to learn this simple equation. X over Y equals Z. Where X is humility, Y is egoism, and Z is internal happiness.

Written in October 2008

Shaabi (anonymous)

IS it for Real or Fake???I jus wanna Confirm it

Written in November 2008

Aaron G (anonymous)

why is it that the species extinct and ocean oil spils, are the exact same number?

Written in November 2008

Zimri (anonymous)

Really amazing! It shows us where we are going. The increase in CO2, world population and world temperature is alarming.

Written in September 2009

john (anonymous)

Wow that's great job...can i get it for a site and my personal PC...

Written in January 2010

sam (anonymous)


Written in May 2010

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