Dynamic Glass Changes Its Tint Based on Sunlight



View Inc., a leading manufacturer of dynamic glass, has announced
 that its commercial-scale dynamic glass product is ready for global 
deployment. Concurrently, the company has changed its name to View.
View glass bright
View Dynamic Glass has intelligence built in: by continually adjusting to external conditions, it provides vivid, comfortable views, free from unwanted heat and glare—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
With commercial-scale availability, View Dynamic Glass creates new possibilities in 
building design, ambience, and user experience, while dramatically reducing energy 
In a typical commercial installation, annual HVAC and lighting energy 
consumption is reduced by 20 percent while HVAC peak load is reduced by 25 percent.
dynamic glass “The concept of window glass adjusting to outside conditions has been a designer’s dream. In addition to providing unprecedented design freedom and an amazing occupant experience, a window that allows complete control over the amount of heat and light that enter the building will also reduce energy consumption,” said Dr. Rao Mulpuri, CEO of View, Inc.
“I am excited that we have been able to deliver on the market needs of dynamic glass with the right aesthetic and energy performance, commercial-scale sizes, long-term durability, and intelligent control, at cost levels that enable bringing dynamic glass to the mainstream a reality."
Glass has been central to building design for centuries, connecting occupants to the outside. 
However, while the use of glass maximizes views, increases natural light, and improves building aesthetics, unwanted heat and glare result in design compromises. In the past, architects and homebuilders dealt with this dilemma by adding cost and complexity—such as blinds, external shading structures, and large HVAC systems. View Dynamic Glass solves these problems in a simple and elegant way, using electrochromic technology to manage light, glare, and heat.


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