Dorothy Stang Murder Trial

If someone isn't already working on it, it would be well worth putting Dorothy Stang's life and unjust death into an inspiring documentary - one that exposes the very issues and motivations that caused these murderers to take the life of this tirelessly unselfish little 73 year old lady.

Meanwhile, the drama continues - not only in forest destruction and the abuse of the people of the Amazon, but in the court proceedings over her death itelf.

A rancher accused of masterminding the slaying of a U.S.-born Catholic nun went on trial Monday in a case widely viewed as a test of the impunity long enjoyed by wealthy Brazilian landowners in the Amazon.

Vitalmiro Bastos de Moura is one of two cattlemen charged with ordering the 2005 killing of Sister Dorothy Stang, 73, who had over decades become a champion of poor settlers of the Amazon.

The petite nun was shot six times at close range at a rain forest encampment where she had gone to help subsistence farmers under threat from ranchers.

... The killing focused international attention on the lawless atmosphere of the Amazon, where cattlemen, loggers, settlers and indigenous peoples compete for dwindling resources.

... Stang is one of more than 700 rural activists, farmers and others who have been killed in the state in the last three decades, human rights activists say.

Supporters of Stang from the Amazon set up a tent city in the plaza outside the courthouse to show solidarity with the nun who lived among them for years.

"They killed you, Sister Dorothy," read one of many banners strung up in the square. "But your dream will never die." - LA Times

In some ways we all stand accused in that dock.


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