Dirty Tactics: Coca Cola & Del Monte Don't Want You to Know About BPA

The corporate spin doctors have once again been up to naughty business.  Trying to head off bans on BPA (a synthetic estrogen that disrupts the endocrine system), Reps from Coca Cola and Del Monte got caught red handed trying to deceive the general public on the chemical's dangers.  BPA is commonly found in plastic-laden containers, both plastic bottles and plastic-lined cans. 

Among the shenannigans planned were:

  • Employing fear tactics like threatening consumers with limited access to affordable baby food.
  • Using a "pregnant young mother who would be willing to speak around the country about the benefits of BPA" as their 'holy grail' spokesperson.
  • Focusing fear tactics on historically exploited populations including "Hispanic and African Amercians and the poor."
  • "Befriending people that are able to manipulate the legislative process."

Do you find this a bit outrageous, underhanded, and downright dirty business?  Value your health and well-being?

We do.  And we'd like you to take action.

Call these crap-corporations and tell them what you think about BPA:

Coca-Cola: 1-800-GET-COKE, ext. 2
Del Monte: 1-800-543-3090

The Environmental Working Group recommends you use the following script:

"Hello, My name is ______________. I'm shocked and disappointed in your unethical approach to business when it comes to BPA - placing profits ahead of my family's health and using fear tactics to placate consumers about a clearly dangerous chemical. BPA needs to go - NOW. Thank you."

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Charles M. 110°

Anyone that drinks this muck is a lots cause anyway.

"Coke is Life". Yeah right. Water (not too bad) + CO2 + sweeteners, caffeine etc. Where's the life in that.

It quite stuns me that people buy processed baby foods. It only takes 10 minutes to make baby food from scratch. If you have not got ten minutes for your baby then you should have thought long and hard before having a baby.

Written in June 2009

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  • Posted on June 6, 2009. Listed in:

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    1 comment

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