Deforestation in the Amazon increases.

Daniel F Benson-Guiu

A recent article by the BBC indicates that deforestation in the Amazon is increasing.

The Brazilian government says deforestation in the Amazon increased in the year from August 2012 to July 2013 by 28%. 


This is in stark contrast to the stats from last year when the country reported the lowest rate of deforestation since monitoring began.


The result frustrated the government's expectations, the minister for the environment has vowed to reverse the crime, but scientists and activists say the government should be doing more.

Environmentalists say the controversial reform of the forest protection law in 2012 is to blame for the upwards trend. The changes reduced protected areas in farms and declared an amnesty for areas destroyed before 2008.

Tropical forests all over the world are fragile environments. The soil is poor, so when farmers cut down trees for new land, the land is only arable for a couple of years.

But the problem of deforestation is not just taking place in the Amazon. Google has produced a high-resolution map that shows deforestation in all corners of the world. As Brazil has stopped deforestation to a large extent, other tropical developing countries have picked up the tab.

The map produced by Google and the University of Maryland allows you to scroll through different options, where you can look at loss and gain of forest cover across the globe.

Another easier-to-use map shows you the top 10 countries for deforestation.

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