The Daily Dose: Your Guide to the World Today – 8 June 09

Guess where the money goes if it's not spent fighting climate change? Right: fighting each other. A massive $1,464 billion was spent last year on military hardware, up 4% over 2007 despite the recession, and some 45 percent more than in 1999.

Norway has launched the world's first floating wind turbine. The 2.3 MW Hywind turbine will be tested for two years, but promises to offer the industry the ability to shift windfarms out to sea where there are better winds to catch - while causing less disruption along a coast.

One of the "ten most polluted" places on Earth - the town of La Oroya, Peru - faces an even more uncertain future as the US-owned multi-metal smelter that has spewed toxic gases and heavy metals over the town for a decade appears to have gone bankrupt.

Green parties have won 50 seats in Europe's new Parliament, increasing their presence. But overall conservatives have gained considerable ground at the expense of left-wing parties across the EU.

International airlines have rejected calls for a compulsory tax on flights, countering by saying the best way to reduce air transport's emissions is through cleaner fuel and efficiencies.

The UN is looking at backing a scheme that insures farmers in poorer countries against crop failure due to climate change. A successful trial in India last month has prompted UN negotiators to consider extending "micro-insurance" schemes as part of this year's climate deal.

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Charles M. 110°

Some would argue that we fight less because of having more military capability, but boys will play with their toys and obsolete stuff will find its way into regional conflicts.

It is quite obscene that US companies continue to export pollution. If it isn't OK to run a factory in NYC then why the hell do they run elsewhere?

Insuring farmers sounds a bit dodgy. That's the thin end of the wedge to US-style subsidies and agricultural mis-management where farmers can make better profits by planting crops that will fail than planting crops that will thrive.

Written in June 2009

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Written in July 2009

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