The Daily Dose: Your Guide to the World Today – 23 April 09

Air pollution causing global dimming may be enhancing plant productivity by up to a quarter by diffusing sunlight so more leaves get light and so absorb more CO2, also resulting in 10 percent more carbon being sequestered to land, a new study suggests.

New technology could see geothermal generation rise from bit-player status to the world's leading power source, and already a surge in projected capacity will almost double global geothermal production by 2020.

While common in Europe, there are no offshore windfarms in the US - yet. But the US Department of the Interior is in the process of announcing new rules that will clear the way for construction of offshore windfarms on the Atlantic seaboard. This and other clean energy initiatives formed part of US President Barack Obama's Earth Day speech in Iowa.

The European Parliament has voted to support strong new rules aimed at stopping the importation of timber products sourced from illegal logging. Some 13 million hectares of natural forests are lost globally each year, much of this illegally taken.

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