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Chinese rice paddies are estimated to be giving off nearly 70 percent less methane now than in the 1980’s, thanks to simple changes in farming practices such as draining paddies mid-season and not using last season’s straw as fertiliser. The downside is an increase in nitrous oxide, but overall a saving equivalent to 270 million tonnes of CO2 has been made, a new study claims.

Changes in the tilt of the Earth’s axis caused previous periods of global warming – the so-called interglacial periods – a new study claims, at odds with current theory that those periods were caused by an increased intensity of Northern hemisphere summers.

PetroChina, Asia's largest oil company, has signed a $41bn (£25bn) deal to purchase 2.25 million tons per year of liquefied natural gas from ExxonMobil from the yet-to-be-developed Gorgon field off Australia's north-western coast.

The New York Power Authority, America’s largest state-owned power organisation, is appealing to the private sector, including Britain's National Grid, to help it to generate electricity from one of its most prized assets — by turning a corner of the Great Lakes into a giant wind farm as part of the state’s push to generate 45% of power from renewables by 2015.

Plants stressed by drought and rising temperatures brought on by global warming may release more greenhouse gases – primarily methane - into the environment, says research from the University of Calgary.

Water is both our most precious and threatened resource. This week’s BBC Green Room column by Brian Richter, director of the Global Freshwater Program, backgrounds the issues and tells of a new initiative to “certify” all water users by the newly-formed Alliance for Water Stewardship.

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