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The Australian economy would suffer a $38 billion loss of income over the next century if the Great Barrier Reef is bleached by climate change, and current predictions are that this World Heritage Site will be one of the first impacted by acidification and rising temperatures.

Scotland is becoming the new home of a horde of creatures attracted north by warmer temperatures – or living higher up the mountains than they did before. But while snakes and dragonflies are enjoying the warmer climes, others – such as a tiny spider and a snail – face extinction.

Now that Sarah Palin is no longer governor, Alaska’s legislature is revisiting her legacy – and may be about to overturn her veto on funding for renewable energy projects.

Wildlife in the Eastern Himalayas is under threat from climate change – and many species discovered only in the past decade face a crisis, as this BBC slide show reveals.

The US ethanol industry is calling for all new vehicles to be “biofuel capable” as part of a push to slow global warming and provide jobs at home.

Geo-engineering to counter climate change – the “grand designs” like massive mirrors or the use of aerosols to reflect sunlight – may increase the risk of drought, and all such schemes should be assessed against their effects on precipitation, US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists warn.

New Zealand aims to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 10 to 20 percent below 1990 levels by 2020, a tough ask given the country’s emissions have already grown 24% since 1990 and half all emissions are from agriculture.

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Alaska did not waste any time.

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