Construction Begins on North America's Largest Solar Farm

Construction began this week on North America’s largest solar farm. Located a short distance from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, the 300-acre plot of land will eventually gleam with the dark gold of some 200,000 panels soaking up 19-megawatts, or enough energy to annually power … wait for it… 2,000 homes.

Doesn’t seem like much, does it?

But as some of us struggle to implement the lifestyle changes necessary to truly combat the climate change crisis, business is booming in the effort to supply increasing demand with energy farmed from the sun. The First Light solar park project, by Toronto-based SkyPower Corp. and SunEdison from Baltimore, Maryland, is only the first of several highly anticipated projects.

Cashing in on the Ontario Power Authority’s promised pay out of 42 cents for every kilowatt-hour, these other endeavours will quickly trump the record set this week by First Light.

Next month, reports the Toronto Star, OptiSolar Farms Canada, a subsidiary of a California company, will start construction on another solar park near Sarnia, Ontario, on the province’s western border with the U.S. Gigantic by comparison, the 900-acre spread will create 60-megawatts, enough power to supply… 10,000 to 15,000 homes. On sunny days.


So far, additional solar projects planned or in the works will bring in another 300 or so megawatts over the next few years. As of late June, 2008, when increasingly rising power demands in Ontario reach an expected low of just under 400,000 megawatts, these solar trickles will surely come in handy.

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