Concord, Mass.,Bans Water Sold in Plastic Bottles


water bottle Bans on plastic bags have happened in a good number of communities across the country, but banning the sale of water in plastic bottles?

The town of Concord, Mass., is in line to be the first in the nation to do just that, now that the state’s attorney general has signed off. The bottled water industry, for its part, is-of course-  considering a lawsuit. 

Championed by  84-year-old resident Jean Hill in what has turned out to be  a three-year battle, the law bans the sale of single-serving PET water bottles of one liter or less starting on Jan. 1 in Concord, population 18,000.

  A first offense comes with a warning, followed by $25 for second offense and $50 for any beyond that,the Boston Globe reported. It does, however, allow for an exemption during emergencies.

Jean Hill, the Concord resident behind ban, told The Boston Globe that she was relieved after three years of work. 

"I hope other towns will follow,’" Hill said. "I feel bottled water is a waste of money.

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I hope all unnecessary things be eliminated to lessen the pollution and to avoid hazardous effects to human health. Last year, the area of Concord, Mass., became the very first area to ban bottled water. Many other cities worldwide have a bottled water ban and it's starting to catch on. Despite it being just water, the fact is everyone has to pay to deal with the darn things winding up in the garbage.

Written in September 2013

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