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Celsias wants to profile ordinary people doing extraordinary things all over the world to combat climate change. We then want to use the power of the Internet to magnify their impact many-fold by inspiring others to also pick up a shovel, pen or banner, and to show what a community of millions can do to address a global issue like climate change.

Celsias will soon release the next version of its website that will include People, Projects and Funding, and you are invited to create and register a climate change project at www.celsias.com. By registering, you will be able to share your knowledge, learn from others, raise the visibility of your project, recruit volunteers, attract resources, and solicit funding. Think of Celsias as the ultimate climate change project planning resource! We want projects that will inspire others to do the same, projects such as:

Sneak Preview of Projects Page The project you submit today will show here once the new site is launched!
  • Clean up a waterway near your home
  • Organize an eco-conference on campus and invite prominent speakers
  • Provide low-emission stoves to villagers in India
  • Write a petition to stop the use of plastic grocery bags in Belgium
  • Start a relocalisation campaign in conjunction with small local businesses in your community
  • Install photovoltaic solar energy systems to run vaccine refrigerators in Uganda
  • Create a website for young professionals passionate about the environment in Australia
  • Develop a short climate change course for 10-year-old pupils in Singapore
  • Turn an eco-travel business in New Zealand carbon-neutral by introducing behavior change and purchasing certified carbon offsets
  • Begin a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme in your region, or build on an existing one
  • Install smart meters, residential heat pumps, and active/passive solar design in Italy
  • Write, produce and film a documentary about the unexplained death of bees in California
  • Or just encourage your family and friends to learn about climate change by visiting your site, Celsias
It’s all about individuals like you and me making a difference. So sign-up your project today at: www.celsias.com/projects

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  • Posted on June 26, 2007.

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