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The Big Idea

Climate change is the mega problem that requires a mega solution in order to dodge its devastating effects, right? Well, what if the solution to climate change was simple?Imagine it’s as simple as spending money on things you already need and already buy every single day.  Cue to The Big Idea, an organization with “brandholders” – technically members that represent the values of the brand – that direct their daily spending towards solving the biggest issues in society, just by buying things they already do and collectively enjoying the purchasing power of millions.


brands  The Big Idea. They are a unified group that instills values and priorities into The Big Idea, brand because it’s all about what’s important tothem and the causes they support when they join. The Big Idea now focuses on six causes, which will expand as we grow:


The Big Idea to Fix Politics

The Big Idea to Combat Climate Change

The Big Idea for Women’s Rights

The Big Idea to Beat Cancer

The Big Idea to End Animal Homelessness

The Big Idea to Fight HIV/AIDS


So how does it really work? The Big Idea brand will be applied to a wide range of products through partnerships – things like insurance, banking, and cell phones, for example. Then, The Big Idea ‘s portion of the profits are directed towards the specific areas our brandholders have selected.  In other words, your money is  contributed to the non-profit organizations and causes that already have expertise in solving the big problems.    We just help get them the money and tools they need.


moneys You’re probably wondering how your money and spending could ever help solve climate change or any of these other important causes.   Did you know we – individuals - contribute 70% to total economic spending?  That’s over $10 trillion in the U.S. alone.  We spend more than double the government or all corporations put together.  Collectively, we are the most powerful economic force on the planet.  It’s a fact.  The Big Idea is taking a piece of that $10 trillion and directing it to issues we want solved. That piece can be as fundamental as your cell phone bill, banking fees, car insurance – things we must have that we already pay for.  We’re already spending that money, but without the choice of what that money can do for us.

It’s as simple as that.  Let your money and choice have power.  Stop being just a consumer and become a brandholder. Join The Big Idea today.   Help us determine what are the next important causes we need to support. Together, we have the power to drive change.




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