The Big Belch Graphic Novel Needs a Few More Hundred

Kay Wood

Two baby boomers, a parrot and a French bulldog take on a greedy oil company to save the world.

So starts the entry on kickstarter by one of our readers Kay Wood, and she's looking for $2500 to get this off the ground ...

As her entry reads" Will a major oil company's greed and foolishness spawn an environmental disaster so serious it could threaten the earth itself? And can this horror be foiled by a most unusual team of environmental crime fighters? I'm Kay Wood, and that's the plot of my new graphic novel, The Big Belch, a work that combines environmental concerns with quirky humor.

There have been a number of environment-themed graphic novels produced over the years. They have tended to be set in futuristic times or otherworldly places and feature super heroes. The Big Belch is different. Its time is now. Its place is here, its characters recognizable (in the case of its corporate villains, all too recognizable).

The Big Belch begins when Big Oil, Inc. (known to all as 'BO') causes an enormous oil spill that produces vast ecological destruction. In a quest to save its bottom line, the company engages in a reckless experiment, which if it goes awry, could blow up the entire world in a giant methane blast — a big belch. An unwilling participant in this plan brings it to the attention of a baby boomer couple, Monty Cane and Maureen Able, and their companions: Fletcher, a super-intelligent parrot, and François, an extraordinarily lovable French bulldog. They're the team that must act quickly to save the world.

The Big Belch is a work of my heart. It addresses a lot of important issues - the main one being the environmental damage being done by the short-sighted drive to acquire fossil fuels at any cost. Yet while this is an environmental protest formatted as a graphic novel, The Big Belch isn't dour. I seem to have become more and more appreciative of humor over the years — even when approaching serious issues.

I expect the completed Big Belch will run around 110 pages with 4-9 drawings on average per page. I've already done around 17 or so rewrites of the dialog, scenarios, books of thumbnail drawings, story boards, along with many, many character studies and more.

A note about rewards. There will be the usual rewards of supporters being listed in the novel, copies given out to backers, etc. But there are a couple of more unique rewards that you might find of interest. For instance, for the $100 level of support as an additional thank you, you would get a sketch of your pet included in The Big Belch - a sort of cameo appearance. For $250 it could be a drawing of you in The Big Belch.

Also, starting at the $250 level, there's another unique reward — name an environmental or animal welfare organization of your choice and I'll send themThe Big Belch graphic novels to use in their own fundraising efforts.

And if you want to support The Big Belch in a big way, $500 or more, I'll also do a sketch of you - your portrait (or your pet's, your choice) - not a print - an original drawing no one else will have.

bad spill kay wood Kickstarter funding will help bring this graphic novel with its unusual fusion of environmental protest and quirky humor to publication. The Big Belch is also the first book in a planned series featuring this baby boomer couple and animal team of crime fighters and problem solvers. I've already started blocking out two more stories.

If this Kickstarter funding goal is exceeded, some of this money will be used to donate even more copies of The Big Belch to environmental or animal welfare organizations to use in their own funding raising or as giveaways to their own supporters. 

I would really appreciate your support for this project.

Thank you and all the best,

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