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Being named as editor of Celsias is an awesome responsibility and a great privilege. This site has the finest writers on environmental issues in the blogosphere, the mainstream media and anywhere else. Celsias has elevated the dialogue about climate change into one where we all have a role to play in defining the complexity of the problem and evaluating and implementing solutions. Under Craig Mackintosh’s editorial leadership, the blog and its writers have had a strong voice, willing to take on controversial issues and dig deep under the surface of any subject from food supply to alternative energy to politics. It is this willingness that has grown the site in such a short period of time to one that is regularly referenced by mainstream publications and so often referred to as a “must read”.

And the caliber of you, the Celsias reader community, is reflective of that willingness, too. You have shown yourselves to be global citizens that want to learn about issues and then get involved and make change happen. Our Celsias projects pages are testimony to that commitment and activism.

My intention is to maintain the level of depth and analysis that you associate with Celsias, while adding new features to further engage our existing readers, as well as invite in new Celsias community members. You can look forward to a site redesign, a weekly newsletter, editor’s recommendations on projects, guest bloggers from the environmental and celebrity worlds and a revamped Celsias Show featuring Doug Snodgrass with rotating co-hosts and longer interviews with luminaries in the environmental world. My company, BLU MOON Group, will also be working behind the scenes to develop new partnerships and opportunities for Celsias to get the word out and grow the readership.

I want to thank the founders of Celsias, and especially Craig and Nick, for entrusting me with their baby. I look forward to hearing back from our readers about what is working, what isn’t and what we can do to continue to grow and improve Celsias.

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  • Posted on June 3, 2008.

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