A Bottled Water Solution

Environmental Guru Paul Hawken wrote that we ought to “design a system where...doing good is like falling off a log" (Ecology of Commerce)

When it comes to plastic water bottles our current economic and social systems are making doing bad as easy as falling off a log. I'm not the first to notice the awful impact of bottled water on our environment. This isn't even the first time I've written about it for Celsias.

But this post is focused on solutions to this issue. How can we get all the joy of conveniently drinking cool, healthy water, while not destroying our planet with wasteful plastic packaging? More importantly, how can we make this important change with the ease of a clumsy 6-year-old tumbling from a mossy oak log?

The first thing we should notice when we stop buying bottled water is an immediate cash savings. Tap water, which is more closely regulated for impurities, is hundreds of times cheaper than bottled water (which is often just tap water anyway).

The second thing we'll notice is that we're having a hard time transporting our tap water in our busy lifestyles. For a solution to this problem, I looked to Colin Beaven, aka No Impact Man. Colin, an inspiration to me and many other Celsias readers, took a year to avoid any net impact on the environment. He produced no waste, ate local food, and learned a lot about sustainable living along the way.

Colin's solution to the water bottle conundrum is what he calls his 'Ultra Cool Reusable Water Bottle'. Unlike Nalgene bottles that may poison you, Colin's reused glass bottle removes something from the waste stream, and saves the energy that would have been spent on producing a new one.

We all buy glass bottles every time we buy peanut butter, jelly, pasta sauce, or honey. Why not put them to good use? It should be as easy as rolling off of a log.

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