5 Year Old Northern Alberta Pipeline In Massive Spill


This story from the Globe and Mail yesterday fills you with confidence about the safety of this pipeline . Yeah Right !


"A pipeline that leaked in northern Alberta was only five years old and designed to last for 30, according to top executives with Apache Canada, the company responsible for a large spill of toxic oil and gas waste.

spill444 The massive 9.5-million litre leak in a region that has produced oil and gas since the 1950s immediately drew suspicions that poorly-maintained infrastructure was to blame. But the spill, which was detected June 1, stemmed from relatively new equipment, Apache said in an interview Thursday.

“We’ve tried to work as much as we could to keep it in good shape,” said Tim Wall, the outgoing president of Canadian operations for Houston-based Apache Corp. The company is working to clean up the spill of “produced water,” a by-product of oil and gas wells that is high in salinity and can contain other toxic materials, including hydrocarbon remnants and heavy metals.

The spill has affected 42 hectares near Zama City, Alta., less than 100 kilometres from the Northwest Territories border. The local Dene Tha First Nation has reported extensive damage to vegetation and forest in the spill area; aerial photos show a broad strip of trees that have turned brown.

But Mr. Wall said it is “kind of puzzling” why the pipeline leaked, given its relative youth."

So they dont actually survive 5 years and they actually have no clue why !

The rest of the story is here at the Globe and Mail 

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