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The people at Celsias understand the need for everyone - individuals, companies and organisations - to work together to resolve climate change. Our website provides the tools and services to make this happen.

The Celsias website provides companies who genuinely care about resolving climate change with the opportunity to improve visibility of their environmental efforts, and engage more closely with an international, green market - using interviews, advertising, press releases and cutting-edge 'social platform' techniques.

Why should companies use Celsias?

  • The Times newspaper in London named Celsias one of the top five eco-websites in the world
  • The Wall Street Journal reads Celsias ‘every day’
  • Celsias has tens of thousands of regular users and thousands of registered members

Achieving specific goals with Celsias

"The objective of the OpenEco site is two-fold and visibility through Celsias has supported both objectives. The objectives are to provide companies and people a way to calculate their Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) and two, to recruit interested developers to create new modules for the OpenEco site. To this end we have hundreds of hits to our project on the Celsias site and have had three developers inquire about becoming part of the project".
Michael Doud, Sun Microsystems, San Francisco

"This is a great initiative. Celsias gives us a platform to share our passion and commitment to looking after the planet. As the site says, ‘Climate change is not a spectator sport’ - we’re definitely not standing on the sidelines and we would encourage more companies to do the same".
Mike Pollok, Ricoh, Auckland

"Thanks to your support in the projects section at Celsias, we have managed to raise over 1900 nominations for inspiring tourism ventures all over the world that are making a real difference to local communities and the environment".
Alexander Lyons, Virgin Group's Responsible Tourism Awards 2008, London

So, is Celsias a 'green washing' service?

No. Unlike traditional marketing, Celsias encourages transparency and two-way dialogue to ensure integrity. Celsias users can contact project leaders, ask questions about projects and challenge assertions. Companies that add projects on Celsias need to be confident that their efforts to combat climate change and protect the environment are genuine.The community will comment and ensure there is real intent.

Could there be an effort to smear a company or project on Celsias?

Again, no, as Celsias editors moderate the site and inappropriate comments are not published. However, genuine, thought-provoking comments, whether supporting or challenging a project, will be published and it is up to the project leaders and companies to respond to these.

Are all companies eligible to create or sponsor projects on Celsias?

We are unlikely to disallow any particular type of company provided it is seen to be making a genuine effort to change its culture and actions around climate change.

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