What I own fits into a 1 meter by 2 meter space,

Have been nomadic for 50 years and own very few things

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Would love that to be true for me too. Not likely anytime soon, despite the regular downsizings...

in September 2008

It would be fantastic to have so few possessions. I lived from a backpack for a few years so didn't even need 1 meter by 2 meters but as soon as I settled down for a while the stack of possessions grew and grew, that's society for you!

in September 2008

We are nomadic (on a transferable job). Each place of posting gives us an opportunity to give away, and what we don't need we don't bring home.

in October 2008

I've been trying to cut back and regularly have been moving, so like Swarnalatha, I think the regular purge helps. It's actually quite a good exercise as then you realise what you have, you really genuinely need/want/enjoy, and the rest is... well, non-essential.

in December 2008

good idea

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