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Haven't owned a car for 3 years

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Cars are bad! Cannt believe that in New Zealand, a green country by definition, public transports are so bad! Consequently, heaps of people commute everyday alone in their polluting cars destroying the environment... ACTION!

in September 2008

This is a pretty easy one for me, living in a city with good public transport. It wasn't nearly as easy when I lived an hour from the nearest town, but it could be done there as well.

What I thought a lot of when I sat on the bus, was this: You don't really need a car here, and if more people realized that, the bus could afford to go more often than once per hour :-)

This is an important one. It's one of the three big ones, as I see it: Cutting out air travel, cutting out cars, and eating veg+fish. It's easier to make one big effort than a thousand small ones (because they add up in effort as well!).

in November 2008

I moved from the suburbs to NYC about a decade ago, and selling my car was incredibly liberating! No gas/repair/insurance/tax expenses anymore, no scraping frost off the windshield in the winter, now I can read or do work while I commute on the subway... I will say that if I ever needed to live in a rural or suburban area of the US again though, I unfortunately would consider a car to be a necessity.

in February 2012

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