Save water by taking bath once in two days!, 161°

All so called White-collared professionals, who get to drive in A/c cars, who stay in centrally A/c homes, and ofcourse get to work at some of the most comfortable A/c offices can do this easily ;)

I for one do it cause the climate of Pune, the place where I stay is cold enough, and we dont perspire here that much.

Its one of the best ways to save water, provided you don't start stinking!!

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just a small request... kindly leave a comment w.r.t. what triggered you to commit to this action.
Kunal Sonawala.

in September 2008

I do this when I can

in September 2008

I'm a bloke! We blokes do this anyway - right?...

in October 2008

I'm very sorry, but I'll have to decline this one. I exercise at least two hours a day and it's entirely possible that I'd have no friends and an unhappy husband.

in October 2008

Finally, an excuse for not showering frequently. I'd say I can go about 4 or 5 days without fully showering and feel pretty comfortable about it. Granted, I don't do much physical activity and my high-speed metabolism lets me get away with this.

in October 2008

Jessica, you should have heard the reaction I got from my wife when I suggested it. I run quite a lot. So what I've started to do is run before breakfast so that I combine my daily shower with my workout one.

Fair play to you all folks.

in October 2008

this is great ;)
also, you can try wearing your Jeans for as long as possible...
(i use 4 pairs of jeans for almost a month without washing! all together, so, approx 7days/jeans...)
you can keep them rolling, thus, no body will notice you are wearing the same ones over n over :P

in October 2008

You can achieve the better savings and still shower every day, by using a low flow shower head.

in December 2008

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