print on both sides of the paper., 903°

often you come across paper which has been printed on only one side resulting in wastage of paper, energy and money, results in cutting more trees...

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Or don't print at all. I'm old school and had a hard time converting to electronic media - I was so used to holding that piece of paper in my hands. A box of envelopes has lasted me well over two years and I can't remember the last time I bought a ream of paper - maybe a year ago? If you teach yourself to live without paper, you will find it is really quite easy.

in September 2008

I agree 100%. I'm running out of scrap paper to scribble on now though because I used to write on the paper which was printed on only one side!

in September 2008

My partner rescues from her recycling bin at work any paper that's only printed one on side and I use at home! Saves me a lot of money as well as unnecessary resources being wasted.

in January 2009

I also love rescuing one-sided paper from the recycling bin and making note pads to distribute to colleagues or bring home! I chop sheets in quarters (several at a time with a paper slicer), punch holes in one corner and put a 3-ring folder peg thingy (you know the kind that's got a round flat head on one side and then 2 bendy metal strips coming out of it) or string/old ribbon or just a staple in one corner.

in February 2009

I print both sides whenever possible (which is most of the time)!

I have a stack of one-side printed paper next to my printer at home, gathered from the office or from outdated manuals, whatever I find that has a clear side to print on!

And if I don't have to print it for someone, it becomes a PDF file that I can read electronically.

in March 2009

We should get to No Paper...only electronic.. if its paper, use recycled only

in March 2009

Many printers can print two pages per side. The text is a bit smaller but normally perfectly readable.

in April 2009

our office is now setup to use both sides by default

in May 2010

...yeah do this,, but depends on situation..

in September 2010

I do this but sometimes the situation does not favor.

in August 2011

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in November 2011

National University of Singapore, NUS has allowed the students to submit assignment, thesis or dissertation to be printed on both sides.

in April 2013

Saving trees is one such thing, which we should learn to apply in our daily life. There are so many offices and schools, which run as paper free organization in order to reduce the deforestation level. Certain tips to save the trees are listed over here.
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in January

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