Stop using plastic food wrap, 363°

Instead of using plastic food wrap, use re-usable food containers.

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I use a brand of seal able plastic containers - called Lock&lLock. Available in Asia, cheap sturdy, microwavable - no need to use food wrap any longer.

in August 2008

I use reusable containers and tinfoil if necessary, which can both be recycled when their lifetime is over. You can also find 100 post consumer recycled tinfoil at some grocery stores.

in February 2009

I use plates to cover bowls and bowls to cover plates!

in February 2009

Carol S. says: I use plates to cover bowls and bowls to cover plates!

Exactly, Carol! They were made for the job! And they are much less likely to taint your food than plastic storage containers... and a lot of the time you can take them straight from the fridge to the table.

in March 2009

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in September 2014