Locate My Recycling Centres, 593°

Get online and find all my local recycling centres for various waste.

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Does anyone know the right websites to find out where my recycling centers might be?

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in August 2008

If you can't find any by electronic searches, try asking around. If you see somebody shopping in the "green" market alongside you, ask them. If they don't know either, then you exchange numbers, and both search, etc... when one of you finds out, you share with everybody, increasing the results. Yippee!

in August 2008

Can your municipal office. They will have this info. Got chance that it's also located near the local dump.

in August 2008

Our trash company does not like taking clear bags of shred or cardboard, so once a month we go to the recycling center to drop off whatever curbside pickup wont take.

in September 2008

In Christchurch, the locations of the EcoDepots can be found on this page http://www.ccc.govt.nz/QuickAnswers/RecyclingRefuse/Stations/F619.asp

in September 2008

Check with your local public works department, or attempt to navigate a state-operated site dedicated to recycling.

in September 2008

I have a few listings and more on my site

in September 2008

I feed a lot of newspaper to my worms.

in October 2008

I love my recycling center, they went from a cardboard-newspaper-glass bottles-scrap place and now have re-use bins for clothes, shoes, BOOKS!, they take plastics (only number 1 and 2, gotta work them on that), and provide for safe recycle of oil, anti-freeze, propane tanks, batteries ( all, not just auto), and co-op payment on tires and computer equipment. And the people there are friendly and helpful. Thank You Recycling Workers!

in October 2008

Paper, Plastic, Cardboard, Cans, Bottles, Clothes, Books all within walking distance of where we live.

in March 2009

Dude, even here in Malaysia, we have tons of recycling centers. For years people told me they didn't exist in Malaysia, I guess the marketing just sucks, but they are here and I have found them! ;)

in May 2009

If you have old electronics that you need to recycling there are tons of "green spots" all over California that let you do it for free. They're mostly at storage facilities but they have events sometimes too. www.greenspotdropoff.org

in November 2010

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in September

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