Block Junk Mail, 426°

Opt not to receive junk mail through your letterbox.

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I registered to stop junk mail, and yet some of it is still coming. What gives?

in August 2008

you need to be persistent

in August 2008

Where do you go to do this? How long does it take? Which companies listen and which ones don't?

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in August 2008

how do you block junk mail?

in September 2008

Well, guess I can put up a "no junk mail" sign and see if they actually listen...

in September 2008

There is at least one phone number and several websites dedicated to opting out of junk mail.
This has general info.

Also, check the fine print on your junk mail for opt-out prescreen info.

in September 2008

Non-addressed mail is almost non existent in my letter since I put up a "No junk mail please" sign. I do hear these don't always work so well though.

in July 2009

There's no one magic list that'll stop junk mail if you live in the US, but you can sign up for three of the most effective anti-junk mailing lists at once here:

Full disclosure: I write for the Unjunk Mail blog-they are good people! :)

in September 2009

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