Use SiC Ceramic Foam Filter to Produce High Quality Cast Iron, 11°

Since the last few years, cast iron industry has been trying to revamp its products with the use of better methods of casting and die molds. This is a concept to improvise its products, wherein variety of other chemicals is also casted. In case of iron products, the molten iron ore is highly polluted with impurities and air, for which the filtration is required. As is being done in most of the other metals, filtration is very much necessary for iron ore and filters are specifically utilised for this purpose. In different types of casts and metals, the filters are supposed to be different. Due to this, the SiC ceramic foam filter or filter made from silicon carbide and ceramic is used in the die cast industry of cast iron. This particular kind of filter is specifically used in such cases, because the results obtained are exquisite and strong, which can be utilised in most cases of iron products.

Use of filters highly justified in the casting iron industry

Justification of the use of filter is there for industries and they are ordering ceramic filter for iron in large quantities to meet the huge orders for supplies of casted iron products. With the process progressing rapidly, industries will be able to provide finer products quickly. Their products will be in demand in the manufacturing sector, where casted iron parts are frequently used in machineries. When the cast is being designed, the filters are placed in such a way that the molten iron ore will pass through them and filter the impurities and air present in the ores, along with any oxidising agent. So, with the use of the SiC ceramic foam filter, casting industries can avail the maximum benefits of sales and quality products.

Properly done filtration procedures gives out higher quality products

Placement of the silicon carbide ceramic filter for iron is done in such a way that the molten metal passes through the filters before being injected into the cast molds. The mechanism by which the filters prevent other impurities in the iron ore is also quite interesting. Basically, there are magnesium and silicon compounds, which have a different melting point than that of the iron. In the machines, the iron ore is heated to a certain melting point, where the other impurities are still in the solid state and hence filtered out while crossing these filters. Additionally, any oxidising agent and air can also be expelled out with the process. For obtaining porosity in these casted metals, there is the choice of different types of filters with a variety of holes.

Better quality finds takers in the market for higher profits and demands

Since the time of use of the SiC ceramic foam filter, the products from cast iron industries have become extremely durable. Any problems related to brittleness are absent and overall cost is quite less. With better quality products, the sale is increased and the turnover is also higher than before the use of ceramic filter for iron. This goes on to show that the value of filtration has added to the higher degree of purity of the casted iron products and also improves the profit margins by having better sales for both die casting industries as well as manufacturing industries using these machines.

Tao Lu belongs to the foundry industry and frequently faces the requirement for silicon carbide or SiC ceramic foam filter in grey and ductile iron casting. He relies upon Filtec Precision Ceramics Corporation (USA) to procure ceramic filter for iron, characterized by high porosity, excellent resistance to thermal attack and stringent dimensional tolerance during production.

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Ceramic foam possesses high mechanical strength, chemical stability, high resistance to thermal shock and liquid metal flow shock even under high temperature environment. No slag or broken in working process, to ensure the quality and stable chemical composition of the molten metal.

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