Put up a bird nesting box, 112°

Birds, especially species which rely on cavities in trees for nesting, are dwindling because of habitat loss. A simple bird nesting box can fill the role of a tree cavity and provide a nest site

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Has anyone done this before? Where did they find plans? What time of year is best to do this?

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in August 2008

Matthew W., I seem to be following you around here, just 5 hours later... Ours was found on birdsandblooms website. I Don't remember if it's .com or .net, or what. Its best to build a species specific box. If its too generic, it won't suit any species at all. You can do it any time of year. Its nice to have as a winter project, so you can think of spring while you work. I'd put it out a little before whenever spring thaw is in our area. For me, that's year round because we never freeze.

in August 2008

I did a search for "free birdhouse blueprints" and was able to find them that way. Early to mid spring is the best time.

in September 2008

I have a dozen birdhouses in my yard. The birds spread seeds too, so we get flowers in new spaces each spring. It was fun watching the finches picking the sunflower seeds from the sunflowers this summer. The sunflowers we did not plant! The just grew.

in October 2008

we live near a wildlife preserve so the scouts do this as a project every year

in September 2009

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in February

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last month

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