Use a manual lawn mower., 182°

If you've got a small garden then try using a push lawn mower instead of a petrol or electric one.

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It is important to consider that this is not an all or nothing arrangement. To use a manual reel mower, do you initial mowing in the spring with a power mower (your neighbor's perhaps). The remainder of the season, it will be much easier to mow with the reel mower.

So basically, I use the reel mower for most of my lawn and when I want some clippings for my garden for weed control, I have a power mower with a catcher.

I have 2/3 of and acre and it takes about 2.5 hours to mow my lawn with a Scotts Classic 20" mower. One should also purchase the sharpening kit to sharpen the mower after the first year of use.


in August 2008

Where can I buy a manual mower? How much do they cost?

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in August 2008

A cordless electric lawn mower is also an excellent choice. It has an extremely small carbon footprint compared to a gas powered mower and can be used as a direct replacement for gas.

in August 2008

Bruce makes a good point,
2 cycle gasoline engines, such as have been used on lawn mowers for decades, should be outlawed! They emit much higher levels of a variety of pollutants than 4 cycle engines and certainly more than the somewhat controlled emissions from power plants. However, a lower impact course of action is to remove your lawn altogether and grow food. We've removed enough now that my 76 year old mother in law cuts our grass with handshears!

in August 2008

What about the health benefits of doing this? Am I the only one that needs to keep deflating that spare tyre?

These days I know it's time to mow the lawn when my wife says I'm "lookin cuddly"

in August 2008

How does an electric mower fit in if we are using renewable energy such as hydro and wind? Is it fine?

in September 2008

this is not for everyone but i use a solar powered one
takes a little longer to cut the yard but i get lot of weird looks when i pull it out

in September 2009

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