Plant a Tree: Help Create More Greenery, 345°

Take some action and plant a tree today (or soon). Why not make it a family project? If every family (world-wide) planted one tree each there would be millions of extra trees helping keep down CO2 levels. Also helping counteract the effects of deforestation.

This action could help control CO2 levels for years. As the years go by you can watch your creation grow, and it can be apart of the family. Obviously this doesn't have to be a family only action, any one with some green space they have access to should be able to go out and purchase a tree and plant it. Every person's input helps.

So go on, get out there and plant a tree, you'll always have a place to come back to and at the same time help the planet, it's a win-win situation.

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I think I'm going to plant a fruit tree of some kind!

in August 2008

Leslie, that's a great idea, that tree will have even more benefits. You never know, soon you may have enough diverse plant life growing that you could sustain yourself and your home. I know vegetables wouldn't be as great for emissions, but it still cuts down on your carbon footprint.

in August 2008

Leslie, I have planted over 40 trees on my property. Pine trees, cherry trees, aspens, maples, poplars, nectarines, firs, cedars and oaks.
Once you get started it is easy to go crazy. In my opinion it is smarter to buy as small of trees as possible ($5 to $20 range) and by as many as you can handle with watering. Why? Because small trees dont require as big of a hole to dig and they will survive better if they grow their roots if your climate is harsher than normal. But if you are looking for fast food, buy big and water em like crazy the first month. No vacations.

in August 2008

I work for a non-profit organization that is working on restoring, preserving and protecting our nation's rivers and their watersheds. We have started our own tree nursery and plan to grow 1 million native hardwood fruit & nut bearing trees to be replanted on the river shorelines and within our communities. More trees, more wildlife, lower temps and more beauty!

in August 2008

Watch out for 'Weed Swaps' in your area. The Department Of Conservation in New Zealand have them every now and then in various areas and if you bring along a garden weed they will give you a native tree or shrub in exchange, brilliant!

in September 2008

On Earth Day, we planted three new trees. We have a fourth one in a large planter for now, waiting for a permanent location. The trees are fruit trees, so not only do we add trees to the earth, we're also able to offset some of our consumption with locally grown fruit!

in May 2009

Begin on the top of the food chain... its our responsibility to protect our planet. If every all of us pledge to plant at least one tree in a year. Then change can be drastic. We need to take more initiatives towards greener earth. Everyone Plant One!!!

in March 2010

i have good collection of plants in my lawn and also try my best to plant trees in vacant and suitable places.

There is always Music amongst the trees in the Garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it. ~Minnie Aumonier

in August 2011

Noble work for a noble cause. Not only individuals but also business need to think of Going Green.

in August 2012

I will read more about this subject! Thanks!

in December 2013

Enchanting to know that there are people who work for the welfare of the society. Planting trees will help to make our earth more eco friendly, thereby reducing the inflow of poisonous gas from the depletion on ozone layer./Good work. Keep planting.
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in December 2013

Love the thought of planting a tree to keep CO2 levels in check. Pretty cool.

in February

Plantez un arbre: aider à créer plus de verdure, 345 °
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