No Meat Week: Help Stop Global Warming!, 294°

Did you know that if every American who eats meat daily decided to have one meat-free day a week, it would be the equivalent of taking 8 million cars off the roads?

• Animal agriculture causes about 18% of global human-induced green-house gas emissions

• Livestock produce 30-40% of total methane gas emissions

• Livestock occupy 30 percent of ice-free land on the planet, a major cause of deforestation

• Industrial meat production relies heavily on fossil fuels through fertilizer manufacturing and global transport

The emerging global warming crisis requires both personal change and industrial accountability. In addition to energy conservation, each of us can also limit our contribution to global warming by eating less meat and calling for a more sustainable livestock industry.

The goal of this one-week meat-fast is to provide a platform to raise awareness about how meat-consumption directly contributes to climate change.

Join the campaign now at:

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How about hunting for your own food?
Much more eco-friendly... and if you're happy to eat the meat of a dead animal, then you should be prepared to take the responsibility to kill it, no?

in August 2008

As stated in the article "industrial livestock" is a huge source of greenhouse gases. like corn fed feedlot beef that people buy because it is cheap. Grassfed beef is a carbon -sink- . Pastureland has been shown to -permanently- sequester carbon, unlock forests who loose much of their carbon when they burn. Grasslands lock it into the soil. Permanently. Like the yellowstone coalition says,"cows not condo's".

Support your local producers.

Plants die too. Are killed too. ever read 'the secret life of plants' or spend a couple of days in an aspen grove, really listening? You can't assume pain isn't felt simply because you don't hear the scream.

Truly, -b

in August 2008

I'm using the the free from power day each month to kick start my meat free week each month.

in September 2008

Livestock can be a valuable tool in restoring desetified lands. Did you know that the leading cause of desertification is NOT animals, but crop production. By eating vegetables only, you increase fertilier consumption (based on fossil fuels), pesticide consumption, and the destruction of rainforests. Soybean production is the largest source of rainforest destruction. So, grow your own veggies and meat, and solve both problems simultaneously.

Anyone that lives in a city and says don't eat meat because of environmental impact is a hypocrite. Vegetable production uses more fossil fuels than cars and causes deforestation and desertification.

Livestock are important tools for restoring desert land in brittle areas. By supporting responsible meat production, like free range cattle and chicken, you are encouraging the restoration of the environment. Eating soybeans destroys the rain forests.

in October 2008

I did this for a couple of months but due to various reasons am finding it very difficult to maintain. I will still try but can't commit right now.
Keep up the good work.

in November 2008

havent had any in 12 years... but i honestly don't think every person will be their healthiest by going completely meat free. some people do need meet a couple times a week...

in November 2008

Abraham C: I think you make the mistake of lumping all meat production together.

Hunted meat probably has the lowest eco-impact of any meat as it does not require changing habitat.

Grass fed meat is probably next.

Absolutely worst is feed lot raised meat.

You say that vegetable production uses fossil fuels. Yes that it is true. However, you're forgetting that feedlot raised meat needs to have a whole lot more vegetable matter generated. For every food unit that comes out of a feedlot, approx 20 food units go in. All those inputs needed mechanisation (and oil)... and all those other bad things you mention.

A vegetarian ends up eating less crops than a feedlot meat eater by a factor of 5 or so.

Livestock can be a valuable part of the agricultural system. For example, flat lands that are suitable for crops can have be rotated with pasture with livestock to regenerate the land. The marginal (hilly and rocky) lands that are not suited to cropping can be used for grassland grazing. The boggy stuff can be used for fish farming. Chickens and ducks can provide vital pest management functions as well as supplying meat and eggs.

in December 2008

Meat has a lot of saturated fat!
I'll do it for health reasons.

in March 2009

I don't eat meat for many reasons.

in March 2009

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in April 2013

it will be really good if we can stop the global warming!

in December 2013

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last month

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