Properties and Benefits of Ceramic Foam Filter in Foundry Filtering,

Image by Tao Lu

The name ‘ceramic foam filter’ itself suggests that it is used in a process of filtration. The important users of these filters are foundries which use molten metal for casting. This product is mostly used in removing the non metallic impurities residing in the bodies of the metal. Some properties of the filter which suits the process of filtration are:

• Resistant to temperature: It can survive a temperature of about 1500 degree Celsius. Because of the property of resisting high temperature, it soothes the process of filtration of metals. Usually metals has high melting point and unless a filter is not able to survive the temp, it cannot filter the metal.

• Chemically stable: Being physically stable is not the only criteria and the filter should be equally resistant to chemical reactions. Molten materials (especially metal) are very reactive and usually react to form unwanted compounds. A ceramic foam filter is chemically inactive and is a good material to be chosen for filtration.

• Resistant to corrosion: Unless the filter is resistant to corrosion, it will be unable to filter the complete metal i.e. if it gets rusted easily, then during filtration the rust can react with the molten metal thereby increasing the degree of impurity.
• Large surface area: The filters are usually manufactured having large surface area because to trap the solid impurities present in the molten metal.

• Porous: Because of the porosity of ceramic foam filter, it can easily absorb the molten metal letting it pass through the filter. However the degree of porosity can be varied as per the industry requirements.

• Effects on the end product: Use of the filters removes the trapped gas and other inclusion which is turn decreases the level of turbulence in the molten metal. Because of reduce in the level of turbulence; the casting process is done with ease. Smoother is the degree of casting less is the surface defects and better is the productivity.

• Increases the tensile strength of the product: As it results in lessening the surface defects of the product so the tensile strength of the cast is increased.

Ceramic core is another important foundry product which is used for the casting of complex shaped cavities. It is used for different purposes like: casting complex cavities, providing airflow for cooling of the casting etc. Alumina, Silicon and Zircon are the main substances used in the making of these cores. It is manufactured in different sizes and it is used by the industries which usually deal with injection of the materials at very low pressure.

Mostly the industrial manufacturers of gas turbines and vanes for engines of aircraft make use of Ceramic core. It has got lot of uses in manufacturing of casting components in the fields of automobiles and surgical equipments manufacturing industries. There are lots of companies which deal with the bulk supply of these cores. You can simply order it through the internet, but before ordering it you have to check for the type of core as per your requirement.