Zirconia Filter - A Concise Explanation of Properties and Applications ,

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Zirconia ceramic foam filter is a special type of filter used for the filtration of molten steel. It is the important requirement of steel manufacturing industries. The reason is that it is used for filtering all types of steel and their alloys like stainless steel, Carbon steel, Nickel and Cobalt steel etc. As we all are aware about the use of steel in our daily life. Steel is required in every sector and especially in the construction sector. Unless, the steel manufacturers produce 100% pure steel, it becomes impossible to extract the complete utilization of the material. Greater purity indicates better casting process and results in better products.
Zirconia ceramic foam filter can:
• Eliminate inclusions
• Remove the trapped gas in the molten steel
• Prevent oxidation of steel
• Endow with laminar flow of the material
• Remove all types of impurities making it useful for different applications.
• Increase tempo of steel casting.
There are different industries who are bulk suppliers of these filters, but you have to take care of a lot of things before ordering these filters like:
1. First you have to check the presence of cracks on the filters. Every sample ordered should be carefully examined to detect the cracks present across the edge’s length. The presence of cracks in these filters can ruin the complete filtration process which can further affect the process of casting.
2. During manufacture of the zirconia ceramic foam filter, it should be made debris free. You should remove the trapped debris in the filter. Cleaning of the filter is mandatory after its usage for removing the trapped debris.
The filter manufacturing industries produce filters of different dimensions and you can certainly order as per your prerequisites.
The properties of zirconia filter are:
• It can sustain a temperature of about 1700 degree Celsius which makes it the best material for purifying molten materials.
• It is resistant to corrosion i.e. it removes the trapped air present inside the materials, but does not get oxidized very easily thereby preventing corrosion.
• It is resistant to shock. You can get the details of this filter directly from the manufacturer which shows that it is 6 times more resistant to shock as compared to other materials.
• It is porous in nature which allows the molten materials to pass through it and helps to absorb the trapped debris present in the material. The trapped debris is also removed easily.
• It is a yellow colored substance and is physically very stable.
The different applications of zirconia filter are:
• It is used by steel casting industries for casting steel into different structures.
• It is used as gas filter at high temperature.
• It is also used in chemical fillings.
• It is also used as a carrier for catalyst for supporting different chemical reactions.
• Most of the industries make use of these filters to minimize their cost of finishing.
• Used for reducing the amount of morsel present in the substance.
• Helps in improving mechanical properties of a substance.

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