Energy saving tip at office, 414°

To all those who do not TURN OFF their PC's , A/C's & Lights,

before Leaving OFFICE .....

- Abstract from speech By Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam (Former President of India)

Most of us in the IT field, used to do one thing before leaving for the day from office, Press Ctrl+Alt+ Del and leave to home happily.

That means your PC is still on.
One normal PC will consume 35 watts/hr.
Based on this we will do a small calculation.

For one week 24 * 7 = 168 Hrs.
of this if we consider that we are working for 68 hours,

then the PC is in sleeping mode for 100 Hrs a week.

For one month 4(weeks) * 100 = 400 Hrs.
In a normal IT office, if we assume approximately 250 PCs are there,
250 * 400 = 1,00,000 Hrs

So the power wasted in an office in a month is,
100000 * 35 = 3500 KWH or units.

If the charge per unit is Indian Rs. 6,

then totally the wastage value is approximately 21000 Indian rupees.

Here the sad thing is not the money loss to the company but the power loss to the country.

Apart from the loss to the country we need to think of the efforts people are putting for producing the power in the Mines, Thermal Stations, Hydro electric Stations, etc. If this is to continue, the cost of unit power will go up & at one stage we will not get power even if we are ready to pay any cost.

So before leaving to home take some time to shut down the PC and do some favour to the country and the organisation.

If you feel that this point is to be considered,please follow this action and ask all your friends to do it.

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It's so easy I don't know why more people don't do it. I also turn my monitor off if I'm going to be away from my desk for more than a few minutes and encourage my workmates to do the same if we're all going to a meeting together, it rubs off onto others after a while :o)

in August 2008

Who else is doing this? How much do you think it helped?

Add a comment and help others!

in August 2008

I not only turn off my PC but I unplug everything also, Turn off the bathroom and office floor lights, as I'm usually the last one to leave the office. At my home office, I have all of my office equipment connected to a BUS bar, and turn that BUS bar off.

in September 2008

There are other great reasons to turn off your PC.

* A computer that is off cannot be exploited by spam bot software etc.
* The waste heat does not need to be cooled by air conditioning.

I run everything in my home office through a power meter so that I can monitor what is happening.

in April 2009

switch from a PC to a laptop as they use less energy.

in September 2009

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