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Gore has "pushed the reset button" on our thinking re climate and energy.

First step for Obama to meet Gore's challenge: choose a coal-free VP.

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There's a group on for this too:
Americans for a coal-free VP:

in July 2008

Diane who answered the phone, told me she did not know about the controversy surrounding Gov. Kaine's supporting the coal plant in Wise County, VA, not what Obama's position is on this matter or how it relates to Obama's endorsement of Gore's carbon-free electricity challenge. She took my email and said she would pass my concern to a "staffer" who would get back to me ... if I do not receive an email in a few days, to call back.

in July 2008

Frank Kilgore, an attorney in the Virginia coalfields who writes about conservation and politics, (and is not related to Jerry Kilgore) wrote an interesting blog post today about how Gov. Kaine's support of the Wise County coal plant has hurt his chances for VP. Read it here:

in July 2008

Obama's staff sent me a "form" email: "Dear Friend, Thank you for contacting Obama America regarding energy policy. To read more about Senator Obama's views on this important issue, please click here" This does not come close to addressing the issue, so I will call again and ask to speak to a "staffer" directly. The section of Obama's energy page that addresses coal is not clear in defining his position, so I posted .

in July 2008

Word from his staff was that they will not announce their choice for VP until after McCain announces his.

in July 2008

NBC is reporting that Kaine and Bayh were both informed that they are NOT the VP pick

in August 2008

Biden -- pretty close to coal-free.

Thank you Senator Obama!

Grist interview, one year ago:

Q: What role does "clean coal" play in your vision for energy independence and climate security?
Biden: I don't think there's much of a role for clean coal in energy independence, but I do think there's a significant role for clean coal in the bigger picture of climate change. Clean-coal technology is not the route to go in the United States, because we have other, cleaner alternatives. But I would invest a considerable amount of money in research and development of clean-coal and carbon-sequestration technologies for export. China is building one new coal-fired plant per week. That's not going to change unless there's a fundamental change in technology, because they have about 300 years of dirty coal, and they're going to use it.

Grist: Would you impose a moratorium on the development of old-style coal power plants in the U.S.?

Biden: I believe that all new coal-fired power plants should be built with carbon capture and sequestration capacity.

in August 2008

Your emails are all from the Summer, 2008. Did any of you hear the 10/7/08 PRESIDENTIAL debate. Obama is now speaking support for COAL, DRILLING and NUCLEAR. The best we can hope for is that he is lying to the politicians who forced him to change his position.

in October 2008

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